STRIKE COVERAGE News Center 13 provided by Fall River Educational Television
BARRY RICHARD Photo provided by Barry Richard
CONFRONTATION AUDIO Audio provided by Gary Golas
UNION CHANT Photo by Spinner Publications
MAYOR JOHN K. BULLARD Photo by Jack Iddon
CITY COUNCILOR DAVID P. WILLIFORD Photo by Spinner Publications
FISHERMEN'S UNION RALLY Recording Provided by UMass Dartmouth Archives. Audio produced on January 17, 1986.
UNKNOWN WOMAN Photo by Jack Iddon
JOE PIVA, SIU PORT AGENT Photo by Spinner Publications

NEW IMMIGRANTS - Más Que Un Trabajo

Content excerpted from an oral history project produced in 2017 as part of the Workers on the Waterfront Oral History Project conducted by New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center with funding from an Archie Green Fellowship provided by the Library of Congress.

ALEXANDER CHAVIS Photo by Phil Mello
HECTOR GRAVE Photo by Phil Mello
MARIA GOMEZ Photo by Phil Mello
MARIANNA MORENO Photo by Phil Mello
LILIAN RIVEIRA Photo by Markham Starr
SEBASTIAN AYALA Photo by Phil Mello
TOMAS CALIL Photo by Phil Mello

NEW IMMIGRANTS - Central American Women in Seafood Processing

Audio excerpted from New Bedford Processing Workers 2007-2010. Interviewer C. Williams, Principal Investigator P. Pinto da Silva. Funded by NOAA Fisheries and archived in the NOAA Voices Oral History Archive.

ADJUSTING Photo by Phil Mello
CHILDREN Photo by Phil Mello
HOPES AND DREAMS Photo by Laura Orleans
FAMILIES Photo by Phil Mello
LIFE IN THE WORKPLACE Photo by Blue Harvest
WORKER'S RIGHTS Photo by Phil Mello


Audio excerpted from Working Waterfront Festival Community Documentation Project, New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center, and the NOAA Voices Oral History Archive.

EOIN ROCHFORD Photo by Phil Mello
DAVE MARTINS Photo provided by SMAST
DEB SHRADER Photo by Markham Starr
DICK GRACHECK Photo provided by Dick Gracheck
JIM RUHLE Photo provided by Jim Ruhle
MARK PHILLIPS Photo by Meghan Lapp
PAUL NOSWORTHY Photo provided by Paul Nosworthy
RODMAN SYKES IMAGE Photo by Markham Starr
SHELLY TALLACK Photo by Susan Hann, Maine Department of Marine Resources